Sunday, June 2, 2013


"Perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul unto repentance; and this is my joy."  Alma 29:9

How do I sum up our first month in Japan in just a few brief words?  Let me's been an
exciting, fun, rewarding, and adventurous experience.

Missionary work is WORK!  We are busy and for that we are grateful. We know that this is where we are supposed to be at this time in our lives.  This has been confirmed to me many times since we have arrived.  We love it here.  This is our new home. 

The following are just a few highlights of our first month:

*The day after arriving in Yokosuka we traveled to Yokohama by train to attend a two day Open House at the Yamate Building.  Over 600 individuals came into the building off the street to listen and look around.  I had an incredible experience but will only share this much...I was able to offer a Book of Mormon to a young college girl who helped us when we got lost trying to find the church.  We are currently emailing each other.

*Attended a session in the Tokyo temple with the full-time missionaries in the Tokyo Mission.
Had lunch after at The New Sanno Hotel with the other senior "fufu" couples.
The tolls cost $31 to travel to Tokyo and to rent clothes is about $15.  As we travel to the temple we think of those who have made such great sacrifices to attend  the temple that we don't mind at all.  It does make us appreciate our beautiful Fresno temple at home! 

*Traveled to Kamakura with Elder Ross and Elder Hoopes to see the Big Buddah.
Fun day!

*Attended a FHE at the PBO (Presiding Bishops's Office Building) near the temple with the Area Presidency, temple workers and other senior missionaries such as ourselves.   The first Monday of the month they get together for a FHE potluck.
We have missed our FHE group in Clovis so we are grateful to have this activity once a month to attend.

*Enjoyed several Zone and District Conferences. Received excellent training from some very sharp missionaries.  Our youth are awesome!!!

*Taught 4 Institute Classes at the Chapel of Hope on base.  We are getting to know and love these young servicemen and women.  They face difficult very difficult challenges and temptations.

*Traveled to Kamioka for Zone interviews with President Budge.  It was our first and will be our last.  Come July 1st, we will be in the new Tokyo South Mission with President and Sister Wada. We are excited!

*Eikaiwa-Free English Conversation Classes are offered to the Japanese people every Thursday night.  We have found this to be a great missionary tool.  This past week we have given out 5 invite cards.  I invited two beautiful young women I met in a department store who were selling cosmetics from the QVC TV channel here in Japan.  One came as the other had to work. The next day I went back for a free makeover.  I have made another friend that I am emailing.

*YSA FHE-Every other Sunday we attend a dinner held at a member's home for the YSA's.  We love every opportunity we have to be with the YSA's.  

*Gave talks in Sacrament Meeting about the power of Scriptures.

*Traveled to Yokota Air Force Base.  Had dinner with our new Stake President.
Elder Addington was called to be on the High Council.  Our Stake is the Tokyo South English Speaking Stake.  Our Stake covers all of the 7 military bases on the big island-Honshu-here in Japan.  This gives you an idea of the demographics and how large of area our stake covers.
This Sunday our Stake Conference will be broadcast from Yokota.  High Council Meetings will generally be by SKYPE.  

*We are enjoying getting to know our ward members.  It is a small military ward with all young families.  On Sundays, we feel as if we have gone back in time except we are no longer "young" and don't have our little family sitting next to us as we once did.
We just pray to help and serve in any way we can while here.

*In addition we have had to register as residents at City Hall (thank heaven for the Elders who could communicate for us) and register on base for our ID's, medical records, ID's, health insurance, etc.   With the cost of everything in Japan we have been most grateful for base privileges.  

In a nutshell these are some of the things we thought you might like enjoy hearing about.
We love the work and appreciate your love, support and prayers.