Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Saura is the adorable little girl of one of my Japanese students.  
This couple (Chie and Takehito Abe) were our neighbors, until they recently moved.  Chie attended my English classes and we became great friends.  I cried and cried when they left.  I miss her, but we are still keeping in contact through email.
Chie would often bring me treats. This is the gift she gave me when she left. Everything was made by hand-except the chocolate bars.

Other gifts from some of my students
February class
A tearful goodbye with my dear friend Chie!
Cooking Class

Class on Weather, 
the letters M and N and Easter!

Pot luck!  I always love it when my students want to bring food for lunch.  YUM!

Good bye gift from Shizu

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


One of our YSA's took us on a tour of the USS George Washington.  It was a fascinating, fun-filled day.  After the tour, we had lunch at Chili's on base then returned to our apartment for dessert.  The couples who joined us for the day were:  Elder and Sister Yamashita (Office Couple) Elder and Sister  Graham (Mental Health Advisor-covers 18 missions in Asia) and Elder and Sister Wood (Public Relations)
We have thoroughly enjoyed our association with all of the other Senior Missionary Couples serving in Japan.  Once a month we get together in Tokyo for a FHE Potluck dinner!

Thanks to Jordan, for taking time from his busy schedule to take us on a tour!
Fun Day in Yokohama with Elder and Sister Yamashita (Office Couple-Tokyo South Mission) Elder and Sister Evans (Office Couple-Tokyo North Mission) and Elder and Sister Cooper (Military Relations-Yokokota AFB)
Yokohoma Landmark Tower-Fastest Elevator in Japan!

Monday, April 28, 2014


We are so grateful for our children and their families.  What a great support they have been to us while on our mission.
Senior missionaries are allowed to have short visits from children-depending on responsibilities and living conditions.
Having children visit can really boost your spirits and give you a boost of renewed energy.  
Recently our two sons, their wives and two of our granddaughters, were able to visit us.  What a fun time we had while they were here!