Tuesday, April 29, 2014


One of our YSA's took us on a tour of the USS George Washington.  It was a fascinating, fun-filled day.  After the tour, we had lunch at Chili's on base then returned to our apartment for dessert.  The couples who joined us for the day were:  Elder and Sister Yamashita (Office Couple) Elder and Sister  Graham (Mental Health Advisor-covers 18 missions in Asia) and Elder and Sister Wood (Public Relations)
We have thoroughly enjoyed our association with all of the other Senior Missionary Couples serving in Japan.  Once a month we get together in Tokyo for a FHE Potluck dinner!

Thanks to Jordan, for taking time from his busy schedule to take us on a tour!
Fun Day in Yokohama with Elder and Sister Yamashita (Office Couple-Tokyo South Mission) Elder and Sister Evans (Office Couple-Tokyo North Mission) and Elder and Sister Cooper (Military Relations-Yokokota AFB)
Yokohoma Landmark Tower-Fastest Elevator in Japan!

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