Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Saura is the adorable little girl of one of my Japanese students.  
This couple (Chie and Takehito Abe) were our neighbors, until they recently moved.  Chie attended my English classes and we became great friends.  I cried and cried when they left.  I miss her, but we are still keeping in contact through email.
Chie would often bring me treats. This is the gift she gave me when she left. Everything was made by hand-except the chocolate bars.

Other gifts from some of my students
February class
A tearful goodbye with my dear friend Chie!
Cooking Class

Class on Weather, 
the letters M and N and Easter!

Pot luck!  I always love it when my students want to bring food for lunch.  YUM!

Good bye gift from Shizu

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