Sunday, May 19, 2013


The Big Buddha

Elder Ross and Elder Hoopes invited us to travel with them to Kamakura before Elder Ross returned home.
The seated Buddah, Amida Nyorai known by the familiar name of the Kamakura Daibatsu is the principle diety of Kokotu-in temple. It is a national treasure. Construction began in 1252 and continued for approximately 10 years.
These women were participating in a special ceremony while we were at the Buddah Shrine.
"Hey thank you two so much for all that you've done for me. Even though our time was short it was still fun and exciting. I'm hoping to be hearing from you continuously while I'm back in the states. You two keep up having such strong faith and doing what is right, and you'll see so many more miracles on your mission.
Love ya much. Elder Ross"

Tokyo Temple

What a treat to attend the Tokyo Temple our second week here with the entire Tokyo Mission!

China Town

This picture was taken in Chinatown in Yokohama. I wanted my grandchildren to see some of the choices one could chose for dinner! Anyone interested in duck?

On the Train

Two cute girls we met on the train going to a basketball game.
I gave them each a pass-along card and they consented to let me take their pictures.
They didn’t speak any English…but it was fun to try to communicate with one another.

Yamate Open House

Yamate Ward Open House in Yokohama

Elder Medeiros inviting people to come to the Open House

Fufu Dolls

We are listed on the Yokohama Zone Roster as Addington Fufu.
Fufu means  Couple (Senior) in Japan. We are the senior couple-Addington Senior!
I couldn’t resist buying a pair of Kokeshi dolls depicting an older Japanese couple. I love them!
They sit atop our dresser with their smiling faces, reminding us each day how exciting it is to be a SENIOR missionary couple!

     After arriving in Japan, we discovered this beautiful orchid on our doorstep.
It was from our Bishop welcoming us into the Yokosuka Military Ward.

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