Thursday, May 30, 2013

Missionary Quilt

This is a photo taken the day after we arrived in Japan outside the mission home with President and Sister Budge.  Inside the mission home, hanging in the entry is a beautiful quilt that Sister Budge quilted before coming to Japan.  She has every missionary when they arrive sign his or her name on the quilt.  What a special  treasure they will take home when their mission is over!


  1. What a wonderful month you've had!! What a testimony of faith and dedication. Life is so different in a foreign nation, the cultures, the people and the foods are wonderful to behold! But you realize how blessed we truly are. We think of you are in our prayers...we love and miss you...most of all we are so proud of you! love ya, The Simes

  2. Through your blog we can feel your strong missionary spirit. It is thrilling to read of your experiences. It makes it so real for us. I love the beautiful quilt....what a joy to be a part of the Lord's army. The cold cereal idea is awesome........ You now have adopted lots more fun! Steve and I just read a new book by Clayton Christensen called. How to be an effective every day missionary. What a great book full of powerful ideas and motivation for missionary work. It is making us excited After reading we feel so motivated to invite and share this great love we have for the gospel of Jesus Christ. We love you two and keep you in our prayers. Steve and Kris

  3. Hi Linda and Forest, Wow busy busy! You sound so happy. That will be us in a year! Could you send me you address? Thanks, Love Kathy