Thursday, May 9, 2013

Week 3-MTC

April 22-26, 2013
Seminary and Institute Training
Military Relations Training

100 Senior couples entered the MTC today!

Welcome from CES brethren-Church Headquarters-SLC
Attending were those who developed on-line seminary and the new 'Come Follow Me' curriculum
The objective of Seminaries and Institute-Help youth and adults understand and rely on the teachings and atonement of Jesus Christ, qualify for the blessings of the temple, and prepare themselves for their families and others for eternal life with their Father in Heaven.
We experienced two days of exceptional teaching and training from the 'cream of the crop.'
It was an inspiring experience!
For one hour on Tuesday we received counsel from Church Security and some important guidelines  we need to remember while on our missions.

Tuesday evening's devotional was given by Elder David F. Evans-Executive Director of the Missionary Department.  His talk was about...Missionary Work!  Our purpose as missionaries is to help others come unto Christ.  It's all about doing the Lord's work-it's not about us!
Excellent talk!

Military Relations Training (Elder Roland and Kathy Griffith-Training Specialists) with 5 other couples
Approximately 70 military installations worldwide
83 couples now serving-military couples first called in 2002 (Elder Groberg saw need)
"Sisters, at some point the spirit will bear witness to you that there is someone's need that you are specifically to meet"
Make PMG as high of priority as the scriptures on your mission!

Journal entry:  This morning in the cafeteria we sat across the table from two, sweet sister missionaries  who have been in the MTC one week.  One was from the Philippines and the other from Taiwan.
The sister from Taiwan who spoke broken English told me her family joined the church when she was young but had since become very bitter towards the church.  When the missionaries would stop by their home, her father would yell at them and chase them away.  I asked her how he felt about her serving a mission and coming to the states to serve in NY.  She told me he was "very angry with her and refused to support her in any way."  I have heard other stories similar to this, since entering the MTC.
Hearing this story reminded me how we should contribute to the missionary fund when possible to help missionaries such as this dear sister.

Today (Friday) we checked out of the MTC to travel to SLC for our last day of Military Relations Training at the Church Office Building.
We both shed a few tears when we realized we were leaving the place where we have spent the past 3 weeks.  A place where enthusiasm, energy and the spirit runs high.  Oh how we have grown to love this place, but we are excited for the new adventure that awaits us.
Friday's training included important reminders on monthly reports,  military protocol,  creating signature blocks, working with military commanders, chaplains, bishops, stake presidents and mission presidents, etc.  After lunch in the church cafeteria we had a few picture taking sessions, received some more materials, said good-bye to our dear friends and left the church office building.

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